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Cycles in Print: Playboy, 1971

Another passion of mine is print. I spent years employed within the offset print world and although I have since left the industry, I still have ink in my veins.

Cycles and cycling have been documented since their inception and another addition to this blog will be dedicated to the appreciation of cycling in print. I will focus mainly on vintage publications but of course, anything goes a long as timeless beauty and graceful work is showcased.

The first piece I want to share is a Playboy from August, 1971.
This vintage bathroom reading material gives the suave, in-the-know, modern Playboy reader a quick glimpse into the new “Bike Boom” trend hitting the pavement in America. Shown in the pages are a few examples of the newfangled machines one may see cruising around. As you can see below, this small 3 page spread displays a diverse collection of now vintage cycles.

Playboy, August 1971

Playboy, August 1971

The Bike Boom

The Bike Boom – For carefree relaxation and pollution-free transportation, the cry is: Pedal Power.

Jack Taylor Tandem

An electric Jack Taylor tandem

“Daisy” ties in the sex appeal theme complete with tiny top and arched back. No doubt in sheer jubilation of riding such a wonderful bike!

Schwinn, Raleigh and Bob Jackson

There is a bike for everyone!

Raleigh Twenty and Schwinn Super Sport

Pictured is a Raleigh Twenty (also known as a Raleigh Shopper) and Schwinn Super Sport. Note the full chrome fork on the Schwinn.

Bob Jackson Cycles

Two, gorgeous handmade Bob Jackson bicycles

Cyclists riding

Put the fun between your legs!

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5 comments on “Cycles in Print: Playboy, 1971

  1. azorch
    May 23, 2012

    Great topic, Josh! I also spent a lot of years in a print-related industry, as an art director and graphic designer. I’m really interested vintage bicycle ephemera: print ads, brochures, labels and head badges, etc.

  2. Josh C.
    May 23, 2012

    Ahhh yes, those positions would have you deep in the offset printing trenches! I cut my teeth by managing a small print house for a bit then made my way to the advertising/marketing industry as production manager. They are both fascinating positions, although a bit too fast paced for me now.
    I have a few more printed pieces I’m excited to show and that will probably happen fairly soon as it’s not every week that I can rejuvenate an entire bicycle. This is my resolution toward keeping the blog content fresh 😉

  3. Ladies Vintage Bikes
    July 26, 2012

    These are great prints! Some bike stores today replicate vintage designs in producing modern models. ‘Tis surely a great way to relive the past using fresh materials.

    • Josh C.
      July 26, 2012

      The articles really do make you smile, don’t they?! I have some other impressive printed cycling pieces but I just haven’t had the opportunity to reporting on them. Stay tuned though! They are coming!

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