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Cycling in Print: Modes of Transformation, 2010

The bicycle has played an integral role in the advancement of human culture since its inception. However, for some, cycling is nothing more than a utilitarian way to get from point A to point B. To others, it defines who they are. It captures the spirit and imagination of people from all walks of life. This is the message that Mohawk Paper passionately shouts throughout its paper stock sample booklet, “Mode of Transformation: The Adventure, Discovery, Fascination & Evolution of Life on Two Wheels.”

Cycling in Print :: V

Mode of Transformation – August, 2010

One of the methods paper companies use to solicit certain stocks is by creating gorgeous pieces of printed materials showcasing print capabilities, ink oddities, embossing, die cutting, special folding techniques and bindery tricks. These pieces are typically taken to extremes and beyond budget busting for most artists or the marketing/advertising firms producing collateral for their clients to replicate. But they aren’t meant to be copied. They are crafted to show what you could do, if you wanted to, using their paper and the latest print technology. They are also created as inspiration for the design staff and the print fanatics in the office. Mohawk Paper did just that by putting together this 34-page booklet dedicated to a simple, yet enduring, device—the bicycle.

Cycling in Print :: V

Front and back cover displaying the simplicity of the cycle

The front and back covers give the hands a treat, as all printed pieces are embossed, popping the steel frame and all of its parts off the page.

Cycling in Print :: V

Farrah poses on her Peugeot

The slim booklet features a number of images that scream Americana like Pee-wee Herman on his red cruiser, an extreme close-up of the glitzy sparkle of a Schwinn Stingray banana seat and a classic ’70s photo of Farrah Fawcett on a Peugeot. Which is a detail only discovered by the slightest hint of the black-and-white checkered pattern adorned on the seat tube Farrah perches near.

What else could be sprinkled within these pages but an homage to the constructeurs and treat for the connoisseurs. Portland’s own Sacha White of Vanilla occupies a full six pages in the book displaying a number of different handmade delights along with the details that make them, well, Vanilla. Also a treat are sprinklings of quotes by Sacha, speaking to his philosophy on craftsmanship.

Cycling in Print :: V

A sculpted Vanilla dropout hanger done to perfection

Cycling in Print :: V

Lug work finished off with subtle filing and paint filling

Cycling in Print :: V

One built for speed, one built for the long haul—both sporting steel couplers

Let us also take a moment to step away from the bicycle as it is analyzed under the microscope and refocus on the men who pour years into riding them at professional levels we can only look at with awe. The “Mode of Transformation” does a marvelous job, with its yellowed, duotone print work, to cast them in the limelight showcasing these warriors in their most ragged, weary and gritty state possible.

Cycling in Print :: V

Fabian Cancellara & Florent Brard

Cycling in Print :: V

Manuele Mori

As your hands walk through the visual timeline of the bicycle, a quote stood out to me. “The bicycle’s appeal is both timeless and universal, having crossed the boundaries of class and geography to become, perhaps, the one truly global pastime. It’s a blank canvas. A reason for being. A revolution that endures.”

Indeed it does.

This stunning blend of print is one I am lucky to have acquired. It lays out clear reasoning why the bicycle’s appeal is timeless and why it continues to evolve and endure, from its inception to the present day.

Cycling in Print :: V

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2 comments on “Cycling in Print: Modes of Transformation, 2010

  1. velofinds
    February 22, 2017

    Josh, any idea if this book is still available anywhere?

    • Josh C.
      February 22, 2017

      Sadly, this one has been extremely difficult to find from day one. If I was to search, I would look exclusively on eBay. I couldn’t even begin to imagine where else to look.

      I was fortunate to be in the profession of print at the time of the release and, as mentioned above, although it was used as a product sample piece, it was limited in its production run. I was able to cash in a favor (or three) and convince a print rep to find me one, which he did by also cashing in a favor.

      So, if you find a copy, you are one of the lucky ones!

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